The GYROTONIC® method is a unique exercise method that increases and strengthens muscles simultaneously, stimulates circulation, increases coordination and joint mobility. GYROTONIC® exercises consist of spiral and circular movements that flow smoothly with rhythmic repetitions, compatible with breath structures. In GYROTONIC® exercises, there is a flow between movements and allows the movement in the natural opening without pressing the joints. These carefully combined sequences provide balance, fitness, strength and flexibility.


The human body is a harmonic system designed to easily and effectively switch from one movement to another. The creator of the GYROTONIC® method, Juliu Horvath, designed special equipment based on the natural movements of the human body.

Thanks to the fact that GYROTONIC® equipment is adjustable, they can be adapted to each person's arm and leg length, physical ability characteristics. FOR EVERYONE

The GYROTONIC® classes can be adapted to the ability of everyone. The GYROTONIC® method can be practiced by people from all walks of life, including successful athletes and dancers, students, young people and the elderly.

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