GYROKINESIS® is a movement method that operates the whole body softly. It opens the energy paths, stimulates the nervous system, increases the range of motion and creates functional power through the rhythm. GYROKINESIS®; roots are an original and unique movement system based on yoga, tai chi, gymnastics and dance. GYROKINESIS ® method can only be given as a group or private course by licensed trainers.

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The GYROKINESIS® courses last between 60-90 minutes. Each course begins with soft movements on the chair to stimulate the senses and stimulate the nervous system. It follows the spine exercises that increase the range of motion so that the body is prepared to discover more complex movements in agility and comfort. The course continues with the exercises that will expand the spine movement. More complex series are added gradually, including hip, shoulder, hand and foot movements. The ground exercises are followed by standing movements and consist of balance and cardiovascular exercises. The course ends in relaxation with relaxation exercises, which prepares the body and mind for reunification and integration in everyday life.

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